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Small farm produces unique sheep

EUGENE, Ore. — As the operator of a small farm, Stephanie Schiffgens recognizes the importance of being a no-waste sheep operation. Appletree Farm specializes in breeding

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Find what’s happening right now across small farm agriculture.

Small-scale farmers find big success

OTIS ORCHARDS, Wash. — Fifty chicks, only three days old, huddled under the heat lamps on Paul and Sue Puhek’s farm. The Puheks received the

Is a small farm in your future?

The Idaho Extension Service will conduct a one-day workshop for those planning, or who have just begun, a small farming operation. “st a Small Farm

Organic farm has its own restaurant

PHILOMATH, Ore. — Although he grew up on an Iowa soybean and seed farm, John Eveland never thought he’d be a farmer. It wasn’t until

Goat Discovery Day planned for Nov. 2

Oregon State University Extension Services and the Emerald Dairy Goat Association are sponsoring a day of workshops Nov. 2 for both experienced and novice goat

Farming organic: Tough but rewarding

JOSEPH, Ore. – The life of a farmer isn’t easy and when you add organics into the mix, it becomes even more difficult. “Farming is

Hemp attracts younger generation of farmers

Artist, sound engineer and adventure traveler Blu Fortner is adding “farmer” to his resume with his first commercial crop of hemp seed. The Idaho native

From hobby to commercial vineyard

ALPINE, Ore. — As wine hobbyists, Sue and Neil Shay were not originally planning to create a commercial vineyard when they bought their 6-acre property

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Find what’s happening right now across small farm agriculture.

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