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Is a small farm in your future?

The Idaho Extension Service will conduct a one-day workshop for those planning, or who have just begun, a small farming operation. “st a Small Farm in

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Find what’s happening right now across small farm agriculture.

Idaho small farmer heads West to grow hemp

The Fletcher family knows the success of its first hemp-growing season could be tough to repeat come 2020. “It’s really finicky,” Vale, Ore.-based farmer Randy

Nursery again tops list of Oregon commodities

PORTLAND — Greenhouse and nursery products continue to reign as Oregon’s most valuable agricultural commodity, with goods nearly topping $1 billion in 2018, according to

Pumpkins add to farm’s bottom line

ROSEBURG, Ore. — The tradition of going to the pumpkin patch can be both an educational and a memory-making experience for kids and families. It

Farming organic: Tough but rewarding

JOSEPH, Ore. – The life of a farmer isn’t easy and when you add organics into the mix, it becomes even more difficult. “Farming is

Hemp attracts younger generation of farmers

Artist, sound engineer and adventure traveler Blu Fortner is adding “farmer” to his resume with his first commercial crop of hemp seed. The Idaho native

From hobby to commercial vineyard

ALPINE, Ore. — As wine hobbyists, Sue and Neil Shay were not originally planning to create a commercial vineyard when they bought their 6-acre property

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Trending Topics

Find what’s happening right now across small farm agriculture.

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