OSU plans ‘Crop Talk’ series for small-scale farmers

Oregon State University’s small farms program has lined up a series of “Crop Talk” presentations to take place through August.
Crop Talks are farmer-to-farmer educational opportunities, according to OSU. They include a tour of a farm and a discussion of the farmer’s expertise.
The talks will take place in the Hood RIver area and the Willamette Valley. Following is the schedule:

Thursday, June 13: Marketing Your Farm. 6-8 p.m., Tumbleweed Farm, Parkdale. Tumbleweed Farm will focus on marketing. Contact: Rachel Suits,rachel.suits@oregonstate.edu, 541-386-3343 ext 38257.

Tuesday, July 9: Small Farm Entrepreneurship. 6-8 p.m., Lefever Holbrook Farm, Goldendale, Wash. Lefever Holbrook Farm will focus on entrepreneurship as a small farmer. Contact: Rachel Suits, rachel.suits@oregonstate.edu, 541-386-3343 ext 38257.

Tuesday, July 9: Seed Production. 6-8 p.m., Adaptive Seeds, Sweet Home, Ore. This farm tour is hosted by Sarah and Andrew at Adaptive Seeds and will be focused on seed production. Contact: Teagan Moran, teagan.moran@oregonstate.edu, 541-766-3553.

Tuesday, July 23: Blueberry Production. 5:30-8 p.m., Kiger Island Blues, 2322 Southeast Kiger Island Drive, Corvallis, Ore. This farm tour is hosted by Mindi Thorton of Kiger Island Blues and will be focused on blueberry production. Contact: Teagan Moran, teagan.moran@oregonstate.edu, 541-766-3553. Cost: $5.

Thursday, Aug 8: Dairy Sheep and NRCS Infrastructure Projects: 5:30-8 p.m., The Bear and the Maiden Farm, Junction City, Ore. This farm tour is hosted by Barbara Talley of The Bear and the Maiden Farm and will be focused on dairy sheep and their NRCS Infrastructure Projects. Contact: Teagan Moran, teagan.moran@oregonstate.edu, 541-766-3553. Cost: $5.

Tuesday, Aug 13: Transitioning orchards and understanding tree fruit varieties. 6-8 p.m., Tamiyasu Fruits, Hood River, Ore. Tamiyasu Fruits will focus on transitioning orchards to organic and understanding tree fruit varieties. Contact: Rachel Suits, rachel.suits@oregonstate.edu, 541-386-3343 ext 38257.

To register, visit: https://extension.oregonstate. edu/smallfarms/crop-talks